Who is Flaircast for?
The Flaircast technology system is the perfect platform for business owners and operators to create their own private TV channel. It’s great for anyone with customers who will spend a fair amount of time in a waiting area, or any place where their eyes will be directed to television such as:

Automotive Places such as Dealerships, Car Repair, Car Wash, etc can benefit by educating and engaging their customers and thus increase Sales
Medical offices Places such as Doctor’s, Dentists, Veterinarians, Chiropractors and Hospitals can use Flaircast to Educate and Engage their patients and thus reducing patient satisfaction and increasing patient scores
Corporate Lobbies Company lobbies, Accountant/Legal Offices can use this to Educate and Engage their clients while they wait in the lobby and reinforcing the brand and message
Hospitality Venues Hotel lobbies and Restaurants and Bars can use Flaircast to promote events and specials to patrons thus increasing sales and participation
FLAIRCAST: A TV For Business

Flaircast takes any live channel and your custom changeable marketing branding messages to create your business’

“Own Private TV Channel.”

  • There’s no interruption to your TV signal—any channel and provider works!
  • In fact, we can even provide you with YouTube channels or your own private channels or your own private Video playlists
  • Your branding message SURROUNDS the broadcast
  • Set-up is easy! No software or restrictive templates required
  • Flaircast is truly custom—delivers the message YOU want to

• Flaircast has proven to INCREASE sales by more than 30% on products advertised

How Flaircast Works
All you need is a HD flat panel TV that’s at least 32 inches with Internet connectivity of 1.5MB or more per screen. From there, we’ll help you get the messages of your choosing in front of everyone who’s sitting in your waiting room, office or lobby watching your TV.

We’ll give you a pre-programmed device that fits behind your TV and connects directly to your waiting area’s television set. After the hardware’s attached to your TV, you connect it to your wireless network and begin streaming to your TV.

  • You can log into your web portal and change your messaging anytime from anywhere
  • access Flaircast from your desktop, laptop tablet or smartphone
  • Flaircast is designed to convert—we’ve spent five years testing placement and messaging
  • Flaircast is powered by Android—one of the most respected computer platforms in the world
  • 24/7/365 support is available to you if you ever need it

Take control of your in-house messaging with Flaircast today!

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