Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients and guests don’t mind watching cable television or special health related content on closed circuit systems. The question is “how does this benefit the practice?” Flairtab is dedicated to promoting the practice from within by delivering information such as health tips, office hours, doctor and staff credentials, health alerts, and patient discounts.

No. The practice will be given ten static images that Flairtab will create at no charge with the practice retaining full creative liberty. Additionally, if the practice already has or desires to produce video and wants it to be shown in the waiting area over Flairtab’s system, we will host and stream the video content through our system.

No problem. We can integrate any video or static image into your Flairtab channel. Simply send us the file source and we will deliver it seamlessly as if it were produced in concert with our system.

Content creation is completely up to you. We only provide you with the guidelines that help make your overall channel more engaging and compelling. If any changes are necessary, simply let us know and we’ll typically update it within 24 hours of the request. There are no limits to how often you can make changes.

Absolutely. In fact, our system travels over your existing internet connection without ever touching medical records or other sensitive data on the network.

Content & Programming

Each frame in the flat screen display is dedicated to specific purpose. Videos can be streamed from trusted media sources for news and health related content. You can also bring your own video as mentioned above if you have something that is professionally produced. Images can include a slide show promoting services offered by the practice and sponsorship offers. Additionally, our Streaming Ticker at the bottom of each screen is a quick way for patients to get quick and up-to-the-minute news.

Our video content comes from reliable and trusted public and private sources such as CNN, Associated Press, and other health related media partners. We are constantly on the lookout for relevant and compelling video content that’s fresh and engaging.

Yes, we offer a number of choices but, best of all we are limited only by what you would like viewed in your waiting area. We can accommodate most media file formats for streaming.

We provide you with a device that fits behind and connects directly to the television set. Once the hardware is connected we connect to your wireless network and begin streaming to your TV.

Service & Support

The requirements for receiving the service includes the following:

Icon: arrow_hollow Internet service (with a minimum of 1.5 Mbps bandwidth) Icon: arrow_hollow A wireless router / access point Icon: arrow_hollow > 27″ inch flat screen TV display Icon: arrow_hollow Available power supply

Unless there are special circumstances, the typical installation lasts no more than 15-20 minutes. The more information that we have about the type of TV or network requirements, the quicker it will take. If a new TV is involved that requires mounting the time could take a little longer.

We generally know when there is a problem with programming and can sometimes act before anyone notices. That being said, we are always available during working hours to handle a call informing us that there is a problem. Once we are made aware of the problem we will either resolve it remotely or dispatch a technician to physically inspect the unit.

Yes. You can absolutely add another location or even add service to another TV in the same office building. Each location should meet the same requirements including visibility to a captive audience.

We simply ask that you protect the equipment from harm or any other potential risk that would prevent it from operating properly. We also ask that the system run continuously during office hours unless there is a power outage or other circumstance which beyond the control of your office.

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